Previous meeting - Sep. 2019


There was no business discussed at this meeting. Before the technical, Lloyd Meyer, of Renner USA, made some remarks in honor of Alice Miles retiring from Renner USA. Renner USA hosted a pizza party for the crowd of technicians that showed up for Alice's retirement party.


Alice Miles taught this hands-on class featured four workstations where each technician was able to hang about 10 hammers on shanks attached to a mock shank rail. The technical was given in the workshop area of Renner USA. We used sample hammers that were already glued at the ends of the sections to locate the hammers we were gluing on. The handout included a step-by-step process to attach shanks, fit hammers, glue hammers, and square hammers.

Alice and Michael, possibly talking about the meaning of life or the perfect rake angle.

We used business cards as squaring guides.

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